Former Firnew Artist: Mary B. Allen

I have been an artist all of my life having grown up in a home surrounded by professional musicians, potters and painters! Every day was a creative day and I thrived on the energy it produced among all of us. I see compositions in all aspects of life from the chaos of dishes in my kitchen sink to the exquisite flower arrangements we create from our gardens. I take joy in shadows cast across the country roads and the sparkles on the cut crystal of the vase by the window!

I paint with watercolor because I love the fresh, bright colors one can only capture with that medium. Having originally been an oil painter, I do love a deep, saturated hue and I strive to bring that richness to my watercolors. I also love the way my water paints run and blend in a way that oils can never do. The surprising results delight me as I develop my paintings of ordinary situations in still life and landscape. I paint everyday to try and capture yet one more piece of life this beautiful world has offered me!

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