Former Firnew Artist Chandrakant Dave

My nickname is Chandu.

Painting gives me pleasure to create something of my own and I get engrossed while doing it. The reason I like painting is that our propensities and desires have a genetic root, we inherit what we are and what we do. In my case my mother had a lovely voice and as the tradition in our culture is, she created beautiful designs in front of the entrance of our house using colored powder, did lovely embroidery and bead work.

I like to play with colors and my desire is to create a painting which is not an exact reproduction of a scene or an object, but something which makes an observer think.  Van Gogh, the great painter once said, “if a painting looks exactly like the object, it is not art.”

I was born in Tanganyika, now known as Tanzania,  studied Dentistry in Bombay, India and Oral surgery at Queen’s University in Belfast, Ireland. I practiced in England, Kenya, again in England, and then moved to Florida in 1983. I retired in 2019 and moved to Charlottesville in 2022.