Former Firnew Artist: Mack Rowe

I enjoy the endless possibilities I’ve discovered painting with watercolors.  A wonderful medium for personal expression, the transparent colors continue to afford me new ways of creating dramatic images of Light, Shadow, and Color.  It’s Fun!

My creative process begins with quiet study and thought about a painting.  I then explore small value studies in pencil. Later I move to convert these to quick color studies.  Decisions I make during these explorations result from the surprises and delights I find. It’s an illumination experience born of inter quietness.

My artistic purpose is to surprise and entertain, to bring new vision to the wonder and mystery of Nature that abounds around us.  As you explore my visual interpretations, I invite you to bring your own interpretive vision.  My intention, my hope is that you and I together share and create the unfolding visual experience.

I love moving each painting into vibrant Light and color.  Light is the positive force in our lives.  It surrounds and sustains us.  My intent has been to bring it into my work.  At the same time I have discovered the Dark, the deep Dark which works to enhance the Light.  So the Light and the Dark interact to bring living moments into my paintings — the vibrancy of Life.  In my mind I compare this to the many varieties of values and colors found in the music of a symphony orchestra.

Mack’s portrait courtesy of John Berry.

Contact Mack at 540-948-3933