2020: Firnew Plein Air Art at Montpelier


Summer 2020, Thursday’s from 10:00 to 4:00

Collaboration between Montpelier President and CEO Roy F. Young II, and Firnew Founder and Director Trish Crowe, opened the door to Plein Air Art at James Madison’s Montpelier on the beautiful grounds outside. We meet, ‘socially-distanced,’ on the Montpelier grounds on Thursday’s during the summer. An Artists’ Reception is planned, more  details to follow.

The land and its history has been the muse of the artists, so Montpelier could not be a more perfect venue. Visitors to Montpelier will have the opportunity to watch artists at work. They may stumble along a painter in the field, or a photographer capturing nature in its glory, or the unfolding story being revealed by the archaeological dig on site.  It will be our pleasure to welcome you to our Firnew Farm Artists’ Circle in a new and timeless place, Montpelier, the circle ever expanding.

Photographs by Firnew’s Larry Patterson

Montpelier President and CEO Roy F Young welcomes Firnew artists