2018 Firnew at 15: Scholarship Awards and Photo Gallery

Silo Installation
100% Goat Approved
Photo by John Berry

The Firnew Farm Artists’ Circle Annual Art and Photography Show at the Firnew Barn Gallery, on Sunday, May 7th, 2018 was a great success with over 850 people in attendance. The show featured more than 70 pieces of studio work, traditional plein air painting, photography, jewelry and pottery.

From Trish Crowe, Firnew founder and director, during the award ceremony for the scholarship recipients, “Thank you to our artists. Special thanks to Alex Vargas and an extra special thanks to John Berry, our fellow artist and photographer who thinks BIG. The show is not just about the land, the community, family, school or creativity; but about the SPIRIT we bring to each of these. John Berry captured the amazing image of Catherine Gausman peering out of the silo, gazing for a split moment across the land, across her future .. but also beckoning us to the interior silo, the interior mind where all imagination takes place. I am pleased to announce that this year’s Tucker Hill Memorial Scholarship recipients are; Petra Tuzun, Catherine Gausman, and Adriana Taylor, all from William Monroe High School.

Pictured from left to right: Trish Crowe, Robert Tierney, Beth Laine, Petra Tuzun, Catherine Gausman and Anna Taylor. Photograph courtesy of FFAC photographer John Berry.

Other highlights included music by local musician Toni Clare, a May Pole dance, and artwork from Madison, William Monroe and Woodberry Forest high school students.

Photos of artwork courtesy of the artists.