2017 Chee Ricketts: Painting Virginia Exhibit

Painting Virginia: Invitational Exhibition
Wayne Theatre Gallery, 521 W Main St, Waynesboro, VA.

Exhibit runs through February 25, 2018, and features six premier Virginia artists who work in plein air: Shay Herring Clanton, M. Stephen Doherty, Christine Rooney, Chee Kludt Ricketts, Peg Sheridan and Jeffrey Stockberger.

Their works highlight Virginia as a land rich and abundant in natural beauty with mountains, valleys, forest, rivers, streams and ocean landscapes.

“There is a determination and enthusiasm demonstrated in this work to capture a mood or emotion, a fleeting moment in time where the visual imprint was interesting enough to follow the creative process through to completion,” curator Elizabeth Moss said. “The exhibit allows the viewer to explore the Blue Ridge Mountains, travel through the fields, forests and waterways of Virginia and celebrate each of the artist’s unique point of view and passion for the natural world.”

Chee Ricketts’ painting, “Reaching the Summit”.