2019: Beyond the Gilded Frame Video and Photographs

Celebrating our 2019 Spring Show

From Firnew photographer Larry Patterson: “A short video from a friend, photographer, and fellow member of the Firnew Farm Artists’ Circle, John Berry, of our 16th annual spring show. The video highlights the additional 3-D art and The Socrates Project (a display that is the beginning of a long overdue list of native plants of Virginia that are poisonous to humans) displays, and not the wonderful paintings, drawings, photographs, etc. that we are known for. The aerial images give you an idea of the beautiful, protected lands the art group meets at weekly.”

From Firnew photographer John Berry:  “A little video I put together as a recap to Firnew Farm Artists’ Circle Spring Show. And as with last year, HUGE THANKS to Toni Clare for the use of her beautiful song for the background music for this, and or course for playing at our show!”

Photographs of our spring show by Firnew photographer Larry Patterson.


We are grateful to Firnew friend and photographer Frank James for the following photographs taken at our spring show.


“Beyond The Gilded Frame” Artwork. Photographs courtesy of the artists.