Scholten, Bertha

March 27, 2014. Firnew Artist Portraits

Bertha has been painting for 50 years whenever she could. She has had a few short courses from Fairfax County, Lee Atler, and others, but is otherwise self-taught. She began painting in oils but switched to water colors during the busiest years of work and family. She has now happily returned to oils and is a student of Henry Wingate. She loves being a part of the Firnew Artists Circle as it alleviates the isolation and competition that sent her in another direction in 1974.

Bertha has a master’s degree in counseling and has worked as a Licensed Professional Counselor for 33 years for mental health agencies, schools, and in private practice. She is now happily retired painting portraits and her western views of the beautiful east side of the Blue Ridge. She has painted portraits of her entire family.

She intends to continue painting for as long as she can hold a brush. She will perhaps become known as Grandma Scholten when someone buys one of her paintings at a yard sale for $2 and it is valued at $75,000 on Antiques Roadshow.

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