2020: Artist in Residence Series – Chee Kludt Ricketts

Artist in Residence Series, From the Charlottesville Daily Progress Newspaper, June 4, 2020, interview by Kathleen Borrelli.

Art is not canceled: meet painter Chee Ricketts

The front-line question for nearly every recent article has been how has the pandemic affected XYZ?  Local painter Chee Ricketts says the ability to focus on her artwork has been a  positive outcome.

“I think everybody has been upset about what’s going on, worried about the health care workers and the frontline workers who are taking care of sick people and worrying about old people in nursing homes who can’t see their family… there are a lot of things to be concerned about,” said Ricketts, a Stanardsville painter.  “Rather than the pandemic affecting my art, my art has lifted my spirits and kept me from being as worried and as focused on all the things that are going on that are potentially devastating”.

She hopes that by sharing her artwork, she will help to lift others’ spirits as well.

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Chee’s interview and paintings