2018 Mack Rowe Artist Reception at Narmanda Winery

Narmanda Winery, New Artist Exhibit, LightSearch by Mack Rowe

Meet the Artist Reception, Saturday, August 18th, 2018, 2-5pm

43 Narmada Lane, Amissville, VA 20106

My search for the Light in visual imagery is the same as in my life. The Light is primary; it is positive. It is in all I do and create. So, it is in my Water Color Painting and in my Color Photography. My Search is always for the effective use of colors as well as the inclusion of dramatic darks to give life to those colors.

My photographs are created with non-digital technology and involve only extreme closeup lenses, traditional color film, and my personal judgment through the lens. The results please me as they take me into a special visual world.

My Watercolor paintings also reflect my search for Light and Color in the beauty of Virginia. The shift from film to watercolor and special paper has been both long and rewarding. It’s pure pleasure seeing the beauty of a painting take shape before me after considerable effort to communicate with highly changeable transparent watercolor paint.

Enjoy your trip into my visual adventures.