Claudia Wisdom-Good

True Canadian girl living in the Virginia Piedmonts since 1993, Claudia shares her time between the time between the tranquility of Madison County and traveling around the world.  She has recently retired as an International Flight Crew after 32 years.  Inspired by culture, landscape, nature, colour and composition in real life, Claudia paints abstractly in oil with cold wax, using her travel as prominent components in her composition.

A member of Firnew Farm Artists’ Circle since 2009.  Claudia has led art/culture/foodie trips to her Italian Jewels, and Scottish Highlands with many of our artists through her company Jetset Wisdom.  Now developing more luxe intimate group trips and setting high bars as a Luxury Travel Advisor with Travel Edge.  Enjoying the journey always.  And recently proving to enjoy the Grand Pause in the still of the quiet, farm life just as much as traipsing through Turkey for that perfect day or meal.  Same joy, different place.

Find me on IG at ArtistaCadelBosco, or write me at