Ida Simmons

Ida Simmons

A seeker of vistas and lover of the outdoors, I work exclusively en plein air:  outdoors, in front of the scene, in the moment.  I sometimes have to carry my 25 lbs of equipment up trails, over rocks and down gullies to get the best view of an outdoor scene. The temperature can be 40 degrees or 95.  It can be so windy that my easel blows over, and, in most of my paintings, you’ll find bugs and dirt embedded in the paint.

Outdoors, I must work fast to paint the light and shadows as they exist in the moment.  I can work no more than two hours on a painting because the light changes.  If the painting is not finished, I go back at the same time the next day (as weather permits).  For some large paintings, I’ve returned to the scene five or six times.

“Point out beauty when you can,” advised Mr. Rogers.  I hope my paintings capture a small spot of beauty you might have missed.

Ida’s portrait courtesy of John Berry.

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