Sara Schneidman

November 10, 2016. Firnew Portraits

My work comes out of my early and continued exposure to many cultures, my love of color, texture, and pattern, and my search for essence and universality.  I believe that just as archetypical characters and themes resonate for us regardless of our heritage, abstract shapes and colors effect us in a similar way.  My paintings are my attempts at creating a visual dance from these elements and to convey movement, energy, and beauty.  I am inspired by people who are motivated by the human impulse to create beauty as a physical manifestation of their spirit – as an expression of their being – and by the works they create that reflect authenticity.

There is a great power in artistic expression, as we have seen through the ages.  As an artist, I feel compelled to attempt to create images that move people in a positive way – toward the light and out of the darkness.

Sara’s portrait courtesy of John Berry.

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