Cheryl Ragland

My objective as a jewelry designer is to create wearable art that is unique, comfortable, durable, and reflects basic principles of design.  I prefer to work with metals, particularly silver and copper, with frequent use of gemstones and other quality embellishments, such as crystals and pearls.  Occasionally, I use beading.  I take my cues from current fashion trends and endeavor to create jewelry that will complement and enhance someone’s overall appearance.

I have had a life-long affinity for all things artistic; over the years I have gravitated toward many hand crafts, such as embroidery, crocheting, knitting and quilting.  After completing my under-graduate and post-graduate degrees, I took numerous drawing and painting courses at Towson State University in Baltimore.  Then, for many years a career in business and raising two children took precedence.  In my retirement I began to collect vintage jewelry, which began my love affair with jewelry as a form of artistic expression.  Over the past 12 years I have taken many local classes, learning techniques such as beading, wire work, metal work and precious metal clay.

Cheryl’s portrait courtesy of John Berry.

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