Patricia Williams

Watercolor is among the most intimate forms of art.  The written word is usually edited, both by the writer and others.  Most musical compositions are filtered through the performance of musicians other than the composer.  An actor dons the shell of a character to present the words of the playwright.  Even other painters, as my friends who prefer oil or acrylic frequently tell me, have the option of going over and over a work until it suits.

But watercolor, the image on the paper comes straight from the artist’s mind and heart.

These paintings from my recent Glimpses series peek inside the daily life of a woman suffering from impending biddy-domPlaces I inhabit, places where I work, places I have visited.  Objects I like to look at.  There is no great message here.  The paintings are simply scenes from an everyday life.  Mine.  This is art as autobiography.

I like to paint.  This is what I have painted lately, from my mind and from my heart.

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