Linda Miller

I am an original C’ville girl born in 1956 and raised in Albemarle County at Foothill Farm.   I ventured to Tucson, Arizona to obtain my Art Education degree K-12 and then returned to the farm to continue teaching until 2011.

From the beginning, my teenage years, I was drawn to watercolors.   Art college was great in the sense that I to explore all types of media and yet I am still a watercolorist at heart.   The minute I pick up my paint brush I am at total peace with myself.   In my youth I listened to music as I painted now I listen to National Public Radio.

Recently I have felt some new energy in wanting to venture out and try acrylics especially for landscape painting.   When I paint I get excited and I want to start a new composition without finishing what I am working on.   Therefore, I have about ninety half finished watercolor paintings.   My goal is to finish all of them before I dabble in acrylics or start a new watercolor.

I am so inspired by the Firnew group.   I look forward to growing as an artist with this group.

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