V-Anne Evans


Having come to the formal discipline of landscape painting later in life, it has been a joyful journey to understand the sublimity of place, and transmit those unique qualities to canvas.  Learning to convey an emotional response to the pastoral, secluded or soulful view, is an ongoing  devotion and practice of responding to an ever deepening contemplation of these places, with growing truth and clarity beneath the surface elements of color, light and space.

The artists and teachers who have most influenced my painting include Ron Boehmer, Nancy Bass, Rick Weaver, Frank Hobbs, Edgar Payne, John Carlson, William Langston Lathrop, Richard Schmid, George Inness, Alfred Sisley, Camille Pissaro, and many others.

V-Anne’s website and email: v-anneevansart.com and v-anne@thistletopfarm.com.