Kimberly Engle

I grew up loving both science and art, taking painting classes along with physics and math while in college. Now I’m an astrophysicist and IT Expert by day and a Fine Artist by night. I prefer to spend most of my time outdoors, and as a result I prefer painting landscapes, especially plein air, in the style of realistic impressionism. My favorite subjects include my rural neighborhood, scenes in and around the Shenandoah National Park, and Maine where I often vacation.

I love to capture light in my paintings – the play of warm and cool color, sunlight streaming through the trees and onto fresh snow, backlit trees that seem to glow, and the yellow light near sunset that bathes the landscape in beautiful golden effulgence. I strive to allow the viewer to feel the light and warmth, and experience the feeling of the scene as if they were there.

Contact info:
phone: 540-227-0467