Maria Carter

After retiring to Lake Monticello, I became a member of Firnew Farm Artists Circle in 2013.  I have been able to focus on my artwork inspired by the natural beauty around me, especially the view from my studio, highlighted by shimmering water reflections to snow covered tree limbs.  These images are the source for many of my paintings.

I started painting abstracts because it allowed me a freedom I could not find in more realistic styles, allowing me to explore color and texture in very creative ways.  I work exclusively in acrylics and prefer using large brushes, palette knives and liquid acrylics.  

Each painting starts with a color palette and evolves by movement and flow of the paints.  The sensation of painting provides an avenue for emotional and artistic expression.  I was especially inspired by a workshop at Jonas Gerard Studio in Asheville, NC which moved me to paint feelings and not objects.  My goal is for my paintings to elicit an ‘aah’ moment.

Maria’s portrait courtesy of John Berry.

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Contact Maria at or 434-466-5234