Terrence Pratt

My primary artistic goal is to try to capture, in paintings and drawings, my experience of this Central Virginia area where I have lived since 1977.  I love the beauty and excitement of the places and the energy of the people in this area.  

Acrylic on canvas and graphite on paper have been my primary media.  Many of my subjects have been portraits of people portraiture was my first love in art.   More recently I have been painting primarily landscapes and cityscapes.  

Starting in 2015, I became interested in the potential of giclée print-making using the new fine art papers and inkjet printing technologies becoming available to artists.  I partnered with my son to start Shenandoah Fine Art, a small business dedicated to designing and making the best in fine art prints.  I now divide my time between painting and print-making.

Terry’s website https://www.shenandoahfineart.com/